I'm thrilled to introduce you all to my latest project, ArtBUFF, a digital magazine for fitness enthusiasts, art lovers, gamers, design junkies, free thinkers, foodies, and people who just like to keep it positive.

When I first started working on this site, and exploring the various directions I could take it in, I realized that the only way this would work for me is if I tackled a diverse range of topics, because hey, I'm a man of many interests.

It’s no surprise to a lot of you, but I do spend a lot of time in the gym. But what you may not know is that I'm also an artist. A thinker. A feminist. I'm all of these things. I like to inspire and be inspired. I might spend my morning repping 225, run home and upgrade my graphics card, spend my afternoon on the hunt for a beautiful piece of furniture to add to my collection, then spend the evening working on the set of my latest television show or movie. ArtBUFF is a reflection of this lifestyle.

I've joined forces with a talented team of writers and creative minds to bring you a destination that features everything from fitness, to comedy, to art, to travel. It's a reflection of myself, my passions, and hopefully there will be something in here for you. And if there's not, let me know because you KNOW I'm always listening and looking for ways to improve. This is a journey I'd love for you to be a part of so please feel free to weigh in with thoughts and feedback so my team and I can make this a positive experience for you.

Welcome to ArtBUFF, where positivity & creativity are welcome, and negativity and shade are not.

-Terry Crews

Editor-in-Chief, ArtBUFF

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