Amazing Gold Medalist Simone Biles Was Called "Too Fat" By Coach, Now Look At Her Shine

Amazing Gold Medalist Simone Biles Was Called "Too Fat" By Coach, Now Look At Her Shine
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Simone Biles is an amazing athlete. She continues to bring pure magic to the sport of gymnastics. With four gold medals and one bronze in the Rio Olympics, she's easily up there will the all time greats of her sport.

Look at that! Humans should not be able to flip like that and Simone executes it like it's just another day on the mat.

Now, she's written a best selling book about her life called "Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance." Simone gives us the details of her training to get to the Olympics and her difficult life as a child in foster care.

At the Today Show, Hoda Kotb brought up a shocking moment in the memoir. In 2013, Simone overheard a coach say "‘You know why she crashed? Because she’s too fat — that’s why. How does she expect to compete like that?"

How this tiny bundle of muscle could ever be called fat is a mystery. Simone says she left the floor and hid behind a curtain to cry.

Obviously, Biles didn't let that deter her for long. Martha Karolyi, her team coordinator, helped put her back on track and get back to the gym. Simone took the hurtful comments in stride and continued to work harder.

Simone went full force into training to loose the weight and prove her detractors wrong. She revealed her intense training routine to GK Elite.

“I train 32 hours a week over 6 days. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am until 12pm, I focus on basics and skills so I can break everything down and really get a hold of them. In the afternoon, from 3pm until 6pm, I put the skill sets together that I worked on that morning. Monday and Wednesday from 12:30-5:30, I work on basics for about 15 minutes and then a combination of everything from skills to routines. Same thing on Saturday from 9am from 1pm. ”

Simone literally made it her full time job to be the best in her field. Thankfully she took Sundays off, just to prove she really is human.

As a world class athlete, Simone still had to work on basics and make sure her form and base line athleticism was on point, before moving on to her gravity defying moves. By admitting she had a slip in weight and starting again with simpler moves, she became the gymnastic marvel she is today.

Taking a little time to go back to basics, especially if you've had a physical or emotional setback, is great for everyone from Olympians to Weekend Warriors.

Now, Simone Biles is the face of women's gymnastics and a true star. She's one of only nine women in the history of gymnastics to win four gold medals. After the Olympics, Biles headlined a national Tour of Champions and now has a best selling memoir about her remarkable 19 years of life. Plus, she flirted with Zac Efron on Twitter, so she's knows she hot.

Though it's hard to believe such a talented, hard working young woman would end up getting snide comments about her weight, it goes to show it can happen to all of us. The best lesson to take away is to not get angry or give up if people criticize your body. 

Don't beat yourself up for a few extra pounds. Just get back to work. In the end, that's all any of us can do. We can't control what people will say about us and sometimes we make poor choices with our body. Dwelling on the past or hating those that were cruel doesn't change a thing. But getting back on the horse and continuing to do the work every day, that's something we can do. Soon enough, you won't care about your haters because you'll know how great you are.

That old coach is surely eating his words now that Simone Biles is the biggest name in gymnastics. She got the greatest revenge of all, success.

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