Aren't You Curious About Which Animal Is Most Likely To Kill You?!

Aren't You Curious About Which Animal Is Most Likely To Kill You?!
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Black bears lurking in the woods. Rattlesnakes coiling for attack. Scorpions hiding in plain site. These are all the ways we might imagine getting taken out by an animal. But it turns out the biggest danger in America is an animal we never thought of.

Man vs. Beast posted stats about the world's most dangerous animals. It turns out the continent where you're most like to die by beast is Africa, by a long shot. In America, you're chances are 1 in 1,348,594. In Africa, it's 1 in 2,221.

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Worldwide, the most deadly species is the Asian Cobra, claiming 50,000 deaths this year. 

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Makes sense so far. Cobras are known for their deadliness and Africa is home to the most fearsome beasts in the world. So, what scary creature is killing off the humans in America?

It's deer.

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Yeah, we don't get killed by cool snakes or creepy spiders. Deer are what's taking us out. Maybe Bambi's not so innocent after all.

It's not like deer are sneaking up on hunters and goring them to death. Most fatalities are caused from car accidents with deer running onto the road.

Outside of deer, bugs mostly do us in, followed by dogs, of all things! So, our fears of lions and tigers and bears should be changed to mosquitos and dogs and deer, oh my!

Speaking of mosquitos, they are the number one killer in the world. Spreading malaria and other viruses, death by mosquito is more common than homicide. Though most of these deaths occur outside the US, mosquitos are still a major problem.

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If you're looking to find a state to flee any of these threats, Massachusetts was found the state least likely to get killed by an animal. But if you're kicking it in Montana, watch out, cause your odds are highest there.

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Turns out if you feared your death would be an epic attack by a wild beast, that's not very likely in America. So, don't worry about spiders or grizzlies coming to get you. Just worry about that annoying mosquito that won't leave you alone at the picnic. It could give you your final bite!

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