Hallelejuh! Bill Murray Is Opening A Caddyshack Bar

Hallelejuh! Bill Murray Is Opening A Caddyshack Bar

The Murray brothers are at it again.

Bill Murray, AKA Caddyshack's groundskeeper Carl Spackler, says he and his five brothers will be opening a new pair of restaurants outside of Chi-town, with one of them based thematically on the golf comedy classic.

The brothers announced early plans for an eleven thousand square foot location in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, and say they're getting started on the lease and construction details.

Bill recently made an appearance bartending at his son’s restaurant in Brooklyn, so there's a non-zero chance he might pour a few drinks at this upcoming location at some point in the future, when it actually exists.

John, Joel, Brian, Ed, Andy and Bill have already teamed up to bring you the Murray Bros Caddyshack restaurant, an eight thousand square foot dining space located inside World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida.

Caddyshack restaurant

The deliberately ramshackle restaurant opened in June 7, 2001, for lunch and dinner service seven days a week. A testament to the brothers' love of golf, it's located putting distance from the World Golf Hall of Fame, the headquarters of the World Golf Foundation, the home of PGA TOUR Entertainment, youth golfing organization The First Tee, and the only golf course ever created with designs from both Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

The brothers all consult on design and food issues, but the co-founder and co-chairman Andy calls most of the shots. The restaurant bars are The Bunker, featuring large screens for multiple sporting events, and the Looper's Lounge, which is also a game room and configurable for large group parties. 

The giftshop sells Murray Bros. Caddyshack merchandise and there are pictures around featuring the film, as well as a copy of the script, but the main focus of decor is the Murray Bros. themselves, with plenty of visual oddities to highlight their off-center comic taste.

On top of its golf bona fides, the restaurant is perched in easy driving distance of Jacksonville and St. Augustine on the east I-95, which services over eighteen million annual travelers.


In what was almost certainly one of the earliest Star Wars references in a film, Chevy Chase's Caddyshack character offered this bit of wisdom to explain why great things eventually occur: 

“There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen.”

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