Here's What Terry Crews Might Sound Like If His Voice Was Featured In Overwatch

Here's What Terry Crews Might Sound Like If His Voice Was Featured In Overwatch

Thanks to all the buzz around Terry Crews appearing as Doomfist in an upcoming version of Blizzard Activision's Overwatch franchise, some ingenious fan generated this creative combo video, featuring Terry's familiar, commanding tones and gaming commentary beneath footage of combat gameplay.

Terry is a huge gamer (in more ways than one), so there was plenty of audio around to draw from. For example, there's this footage of Terry playing Battlefield 1 at E3:

You can tell the former NFL player turned actor gets a little agro when he steps into the digital arena. "Now what?! I got a tank!!!"

Terry's pretty competitive in all arenas, and he's also an all around friendly guy, so that makes him a good match for the voice of a video game character. The rumor on the digital street is that just such a combination might be in the offing, with Crews potentially planning to inherit the mantle of Doomfist, a character from Overwatch who has seen several incarnations already.

Rumor has it this time the character might be a playable hero, allowing gamers to step into Terry's digital shoes and propel the action themselves.

Blizzard Activision's Overwatch was released in May, 2016 to a beta of almost ten million players. At its core, it's a competitive battle game, featuring teams of six versus six. The company says they plan to build out support for professional competition in the game world starting in 2017.

The game boasted over twenty million players as of October, 2016. Estimated revenue from the franchise so far are in the range of two hundred and seventy million from digital sales, and five hundred sixty five million from PC sales. These numbers make Overwatch a contender for the most profitable non-free PC game in history. The game is also available on PS4 and XBox One.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the debut of Terry Crews as Doomfist. As we already know, the guy has more fists than even he can handle.


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