How To Make Sure Your Kids Understand The True Meaning Of Christmas

How To Make Sure Your Kids Understand The True Meaning Of Christmas
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Terry Crews loves his family of five kids. But one year, he had to play a bit of a Grinch to get them to see the real meaning of Christmas.

Crews is a loving father who earns a good living and likes providing nice things for his family. But one year, the kids started acting really entitled and ungrateful for their lucky lives. So, Terry told Santa "Don't come by my house."

The kids couldn't believe it. They figured he or his wife would surely cave and get them the multitude of presents they were used to at Christmastime.

Though the kids still thought it was a false threat, the space under the tree stayed empty. Terry's wife Rebecca started getting a little worried about this no present move.

On The Talk, Terry described the incident saying his wife asked "'Are you sure you want to make this happen...?' But I said, 'This may save their life, it's that important'." 

Christmas morning came with the kids running down the stairs to see what bounty of presents waited beneath the tree. But there was nothing. Zero. Unless you count dead pine needles as presents, there was nothing for the kids that Christmas morning.

Terry said the kids started looking around, wondering if it was a joke, as it slowly sunk it that they were actually spending Christmas without a gift in sight.

The kids weren't pleased and some started crying but Terry went on to explain why he pulled this Grinch move. "What Santa and I have done, we have decided that the money that would have been spent on you went to a girls' orphanage here in Los Angeles and they are going to enjoy the presents."

Terry and Rebecca weren't sure how the children would take the news. But Crews admits he teared up a bit as his kids readily accepted his reasoning and appreciated his charity. In fact, they were excited that they were able to give something to the less fortunate during the holiday.

"They were so happy and overjoyed," Crews said. "They were like, 'I get it dad, I understand why you did this. I understand why we couldn't get anything. We got it.' It was the best Christmas of all time."

By withholding physical presents, Terry Crews gave his children a life long gift of gratitude, charity, and love. Christmas became far more than a holiday about who gets the most stuff, but a celebration of giving to others and coming together as a loving family.

What a sweet and moving story! Terry Crews just might have given us all a reminder about the giving spirit of Christmas. We think that deserves a "God Bless Us, Everyone!"

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