Terry Crews Plays Mr. Claus (Dressed As An Elf) In New Family TV Series

Terry Crews Plays Mr. Claus (Dressed As An Elf) In New Family TV Series
Terry Golden/the CW

Christmas is about to get PUMPED UP!!

If you've ever had a holiday party disaster, Terry Crews is here to save the day. 

Terry Crews Saves Christmas features Terry Crews and crew going to holiday parties in desperate need of a little help. Airing on the CW, you'll get a full week of episodes to lead you right into your own merry Christmas celebration.

In addition to hosting the show, Terry himself goes to each house to give his expertise in positivity and planning. Plus, he's wearing a sleeveless elf outfit. Hey, just cause it's the holidays doesn't mean the gun show is on vacation!

“The families knew somebody was coming,” Crew says. “But when they opened the door and there I was, a 250-pound giant African-American, ha!, it was hilarious to see the reactions on their faces.”

The show will celebrate putting the fun of Christmas back into your family gatherings and taking away some of the stress. Crews said the show "set out to help people and families that have a lot of Christmas spirit — no problem in that department — but they just can’t get it together. The party will inevitably go wrong.”

Crews knows a thing or two about Christmases gone awry. Married for 27 years and a father of five, and grandfather of one, he's had his fair share of holiday disasters. "I’m the guy who stayed up till 4 in the morning trying to put the toy together. I’ve hosted family Christmas get-togethers that ended horribly. I’ve done it all.”

We've all had more than a few stressful holiday moments, but Terry Crews Saves Christmas will help bring a little organization and planning to help have the holiday of your dreams. 

“What we tell people is that, literally, with a half-hour of planning, you can make up for 10 days of scrambling,” he says. “The other problem is people trying to do too much. I understand about wanting to go big. I’m all about going big. If you do it right, you can go as big as possible."

So, to brighten up your Yuletide with some comical tales of Christmas gone wrong and Terry Crews to help make it right. Tune in to Terry Crews Saves Christmas. It airs Tuesday December 20th at 7pm on the CW. All five episodes will air the following days leading up to Christmas.

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