10 Indoor Workouts To Beat The Winter Weather Blues

10 Indoor Workouts To Beat The Winter Weather Blues
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Baby it's cold outside, and it's going to stay that way for awhile since winter is just getting started. Now when you get up for work and when you go to sleep its dark outside,  you've logged more miles on the treadmill then you would like to count, and you'd rather curl up with a book than go for a hike and work up a sweat. Don’t let the winter season be an excuse to take a long winters nap and lose your workout mojo.  

Here are 10 great calorie-busting workouts that you can do indoors to get you through the cold spell, and some of them you might actually find yourself wanting to do all year long.

#1 Boxing

Lace up those gloves, and go a few a rounds in the ring. Throwing punches, ducking, and blocking will give you a great full-body workout, and since the moves concentrates on conditioning and cardio you’ll be toning your muscles instead of bulking up. 

#2 Indoor Wall Climbing

Grab a friend, and hit up an indoor rock-climbing wall. It’s definitely a great non-traditional cardio workout that will really exercise your physical and mental strength. Scaling an indoor wall will really increase your heart rate, and you’ll be working your arm muscles in addition to activating your legs, back and shoulders, all while burning up to a whopping 650 calories per hour.

#3 Ice Skating

Ice skating is not just for the kiddos so head out to your local indoor (or outdoor) rink, and embrace winter. While carving up the ice you can get a fun workout in that will tone up your core, legs, butt, as well as some of those smaller stabilizing muscles that helps with coordination and balance.  If you keep a nice moderate pace you’ll be able to burn about 500 calories per hour while keeping off extra winter weight. 

#4 Indoor Cycling

So the thought of feeling the cold winter breeze on your face, or wiping out on black ice as you go for a morning bike ride doesn’t sound tempting?  Then maybe a spin class would be good for you. The indoor cycle classes offers intense workouts where you can burn hundreds of calories will strengthening the glutes, calves, things, and even your core.  Don’t worry, there are classes for all levels and there’s no helmet needed.  

#5 Swimming

Go dig that swimsuit or speedo up and hit up your local community indoor pool or a gym that has one. Get in some sold swim sessions before summertime hits. The low-impact exercise will leave you with a leaner physique, because you'll be able exercise longer without putting excess strain on your muscles. You'll leave the pool not only looking good, but also feeling good. 

#6 Indoor Bootcamp Classes

What better way to kick-start your fitness goals for the New Year then a boot camp workout. Boot camp classes can deliver quite the full-body workout with some hard-core strength training moves paired with high-intensity cardio. Many boot camps are held outside, but you can find indoor options at places like a community center or gym so you wont have to exercise in the cold. 

#7 Racquetball

Grab a racquet and get out on the court! Racquetball is a great indoor sport that offers great benefits for your whole body, inside and out.  You can take a friend a long to play with you or you can play by yourself. As you start to play racquetball regularly you’ll be decreasing your body fat levels as well as maintaining a healthy weight. Not your average workout, but definitely a fun addition to your regular fitness regimen.

#8 Trampoline Class

Unleash your inner kid and jump around! Hopping on a trampoline is a great way to burn some calories. Find a local trampoline class or visit a trampoline park and enjoy a fun workout jumping up and down while doing cardio moves. Just six minutes of this is equivalent to running, oh, say about a mile. Your joints are also being protected as you jump up and down  from the trampoline's low-impact cushioning, so there's no reason to not  hop on one and bust a move. 

#9 Shooting Hoops

There’s no need to wait until summer to hit the blacktop and play some b-ball.  You can still play a pick up game of hoops on an indoor court, and burn up to the same 600 calories per hour. As your running full-court, playing defense, and throwing up shots you will be improving your athletic endurance as well as your balance and coordination.

#10 Yoga

Giving your mind and body a workout with yoga is known to be a great way to reduce stress, fatigue as well as anxiety. For all the runners out there this a perfect indoor cross-training activity that will give an intense cardio workout as you move through various poses. From hot yoga to vinyasa flow there is a style for everyone, and what a great way to work up a sweat indoors as you improve your strength and flexibility. 

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