10 Weird Travel Destinations That Should Make Your Bucket List

10 Weird Travel Destinations That Should Make Your Bucket List
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Paris, London, Disney World. They're all wonderful places, but sometimes you want a vacation that forces you to go down an off-beat path. 

If you're traveling to see what the world has to offer, you can't miss some of these incredibly strange destinations. You'll see the beauty and oddity of nature and take pictures your friends won't believe aren't photoshopped.

To take a trip to the strange, here's 10 weird places you have to see to believe.

Pamukkale, Turkey

The snow colored stone holds crystal clear hot springs in this beautiful Turkey destination. The water is warm year round and the water reflects the sky to form a beautiful bright blue color. This natural wonder is surrounded by ruins of Hieropolis, an ancient city that once stood around the gorgeous springs.

Bermuda Triangle

Though the Bermuda Triangle is known for it's mythical danger, disappearances, and conspiracy theories, it's still Bermuda. Which means gorgeous beaches, perfect weather, and a huge variety of activities. Investigate the mysteries of the triangle or do the Bermuda Triangle Challenge where they do 3 races in 3 days.

The Hand in the Desert, Chile

No, it's not a giant coming back from the dead. The Hand in the Desert was created by artist Mario Irarrázabal and is located in the Atacama desert of Chile. Known for his work about human suffering, Mario's work is a stunning mix of loneliness and beauty.

Red Beach, Panjin, China

That's not a poppy field gone awry or some crazy lawn dye job. That's water. This swampland is home to a blooming red algae that consumes the water and creates this rare red beach.

The Catacombs, Paris

Of course Paris would find a way to make even their buried dead beautiful. The Catacombs exist in underground tunnels beneath the city where the abundance of bodies were housed. Realizing the Catacombs could become an attraction, they arranged the bones into this spooky, beautiful display.

Fly Geyser, Nevada

Located near the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, this natural rainbow was created by mistake. In 1964, an energy company drilled into geothermic waters by accident and a geyser was born. It still erupts today and the buildup from the minerals in the water make the geyser a little bigger each year. The technicolor display is created by thermophilic algae. Who knew algae could be so awesome?

Thor's Well, Oregon

A strange oceanic oddity, Thor's Well is a beautiful sight on the Oregon coast. Water streams down a large sinkhole, though when a wave hits, water spouts up briefly filling the well. This is almost hypnotic, but don't get too close, it can be dangerous, especially during stormy weather.

The Nazca Lines, Peru

This isn't some crop circle hoax. The Nazca Lines of Peru are believed to be created by the ancient Nazca people of the land, but are still mostly mysterious. Visible only by air or by nearby foothills, the purpose of the drawings are still unknown.

Whale Bone Alley, Siberia

The idea of traveling to the infamous Siberian wasteland is adventurous enough. But while you're there, visit Whale Bone Alley. Most likely created in the 14th or 15th century as either a sacred place for tribes or as a communal slaughtering site. The alley is made of giant whale jawbones, ribs, and vertebrae creating an eerie graveyard.

Lake Hillier, Australia

This is real and it's not some Pepto Bismol prank. Lake Hillier in Australia is bright pink all year long. The combination of it's high salinity and, once again, algae, creates this amazing hue. 

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