2017 Is About To Offer Up Some New Fitness Trends That Will Def Get You Pumped To Work Out

2017 Is About To Offer Up Some New Fitness Trends That Will Def Get You Pumped To Work Out
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About 3 months into the new year, most people who have vowed to finally get in shape, diet, or train for that marathon... lose interest and quit. But in 2017, all of that could change! This year the fitness world offers some exciting new trends that will help exercise novices stay engaged and motivated while gym rats will surely take their training regimen up a notch or two.

Look forward to ways that you can work fitness into your commute, new technology to track your progress, more effective exercises, ways to stay fit while on vacation, and even the latest trends in rest and recovery. Check out 8 of the hottest tools and tricks that will help you get lean and mean in 2017!

Working Out While Commuting

More Millennials are opting to walk and ride bikes to work rather than buy or drive cars. Not only have they sparked an environmentally-friendly trend, they have found a way to stay fit in the process. Walking, skating, running, and cycling are excellent forms of exercise you can engage in before and after work, plus breaks.

Crawling Is The New Plank!

You read it right. Crawling will be one of the hottest fitness trends for 2017! The focus is on full body movements that engage muscles and connective tissue while improving strength and flexibility. These full body exercises feature variations that target every part of the body. You will build core strength as your knees never touch the floor. Imagine crawling and throwing in a burpee after taking a few steps. There are lateral crawls, handstands, and plank-inspired moves, too. The options are seemingly endless. Check out this video for 38 different exercises!

Embracing Active Recovery Days

Long gone are the days when your post-workout recovery day involves stretching out on the couch with a heating pad, ice packs, and pain meds. This is actually good news for cross-fitters who embraced the WOD philosophy over the last few years. Giving your body time to rest and rejuvenate is critical to achieving your fitness goals. But, now there are some really cool ways to spend your days off that help you bounce back sooner. Sports-specific massage, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, foam rolling, and halotherapy are all increasing in popularity. Look for new products like recovery mattresses and recovery pillows to become more readily available.

Intuitive Training

The importance of keeping a strong mind-body connection is a growing trend. For dedicated exercisers, the key here is to tailor your workouts to your body's ability to perform. You should make adjustments to the amount of weight lifted, number of repetitions performed, length of the workout session, and even range of motion as needed. Be careful not to give into emotional angst or stress. Your workout will help relieve negative emotions and release tension. Do something. Keep moving. That is the point.

Fitness Vacations

For many people, vacations serve as a time to relax and maybe enjoy a change of scenery. But if the best way to recharge you batteries is a physical challenge, then fitness vacations are perfect for you! These trips are designed with special activities in mind. Look for excursions that involve hiking, cross-country skiing, cycling, running, kayaking, camping, yoga, katanga, and more! Here is Livestrong's list of 25 fit-inspired getaways for inspiration.

Online Workout Platforms

Technology has made it so easy to find workouts specifically designed to help exercisers reach their fitness goals. You can find them on sites like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook Live, as well as apps and virtual studios. There are also online trackers, meal planners, and recipes on many websites. Some are available by subscription and many others at no charge. Here are 500 free fitness videos courtesy of Fitness Blender.

"Awareables" Are All The Rage!

The design of fitness trackers has become sleek and stylish to accommodate the needs of physically active students and professionals. They coordinate well with any outfit and allow users to stay on top of their fitness goals all day long! Visit Wareable.com to see some of the latest options available to you!

Boutique Fitness Classes Are Coming To Your Gym!

Specialty training in disciplines like pilates and hot yoga might be coming to your gym in the way of free group fitness classes or one-on-one and small group training for a fee. Look for sport-specific training like basketball, racquetball, marathon training, cycling, and more to help propel this trend clear through 2017!

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