3 Exercises You Can Do To Shake Up Your Ab Workout

3 Exercises You Can Do To Shake Up Your Ab Workout
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Bored with your ab routine? Unhappy with the results of your core workouts? You are likely overdue for a change. Like all other muscles in your body, abs adapt fairly quickly. In order to keep them engaged, you must use exercises that are progressively more difficult and challenge you in a variety of ways.

Some popular options involve using different types of equipment, yoga-inspired moves, and getting up off the floor altogether. You should also consider adding resistance, whether it be weights, bands, cables, or body weight. Here are three moves that are effective, improve core strength, and will get you excited about ab workouts all over again, plus a few Shemar Moore ab workouts for inspiration!

BOSU Single-Leg Bicycle Crunch

The BOSU allows you to isolate and fully engage your core while challenging your stability. This single-leg bicycle crunch can be performed while alternating legs on each rep, or by working one side and then the other. Your obliques will thank you for this move!

Plank With Oblique Crunch

You may perform the plank with oblique crunch while resting on your forearms or with both arms fully-extended. You fire up your entire core while in this yoga-inspired position, but your obliques will get a great burn here as well. Your entire body will increase upper and lower body strength with regular practice.

Hanging Leg Raises

If you really want to challenge your abs, remove all stabilizing surfaces and try hanging exercises. The hanging leg raises shown in this video, for example, target lower abs and obliques. You must develop upper body strength and shoulder stability before attempting any type of hanging exercise. But when you do, you will have endless options to try!

Hanging Ab Inspiration!

Shemar Moore demonstrates hanging crunches using arm straps in this video. He finishes each set off with a twist--several, actually. Check it out and then give it a try!

Roman Chair Leg Raises

Shemar demonstrates straight leg raises with rotations. This exercise engages his entire core while raising his heart rate. Just press play.

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