5 Reasons The Apple Watch 2 Is Great For Fitness (and for Xmas!)

5 Reasons The Apple Watch 2 Is Great For Fitness (and for Xmas!)
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Since its release on September 16, the second version of the Apple Watch has got a lot of people talking. Marketed as a "superior sports watch" on Apple's website, the new Apple Watch Series 2 is a great gadget for those looking to amp up their fitness goals for the new year.

The Apple Watch 2 is useful for many reasons. It features built in workout and tracking apps, and it also allows you to download third-party apps. The watch also keeps you updated with notifications and features a breathe app, to give you breathing exercises and to keep you centered. But, there are even more aspects to this cool new Apple Watch 2. Keep reading for the breakdown.

Built-In GPS

The new Apple Watch 2 has GPS built-in, making it easier to navigate while also getting your cardio through jogging or cycling. No need to fuss around with you iPhone while trying to get through your workout. Once you're done, you can even see a map of your entire exercise routine.

Water Resistance

The new Apple Watch 2 is waterproof, making this perfect whether your workout arena is a swimming pool or if you don't want to let a little drizzle ruin your workout. This also works well with surfing, as you can track your workout without risking water damage.

Built-In Workout App

The built-in app allows you to choose your workout, whether it's swimming, running, cycling, etc., and then get started as the watch tracks your movement and measures it in any one of five metric selections. It also allows you to pause the workout.

Heart Rate Sensor

This feature of the Apple Watch 2 allows you to check your heart rate with the Heart Rate app. Your heart rate is also tracked while you're still in your background measurements. This contributes to a calculation of how many calories you've burned.

Activity Rings

The activity rings are a track of how much you "Stand, Move, and Exercise" throughout the day. This allows you to keep track of just how often you remain active throughout the day. It also serves as motivation to stay on track with your workouts instead of slacking off.

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