5 Ways To Get Ripped Abs Without Doing A Single Crunch

5 Ways To Get Ripped Abs Without Doing A Single Crunch
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You can get great ab workouts without laying down on the floor or on a bench. If you are looking to burn some extra calories, standing ab exercises actually challenge your cardiovascular system, engage your glutes and legs, and can even be turned into a full body workout! Here are 5 ways to get well-defined abs crunch-free!

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes stabilize your core, increase upper body strength, and provide a challenging cardio workout. There are many variations to try that can turn this into a full body workout. Check out this video, which demonstrates how to incorporate squats, side shuffles, and more!

Pallof Press

The pallof press requires either a cable machine or resistance bands. What is great about this exercise is that it forces you to brace your core and glutes to stabilize and resist trunk rotation. Get ready to ignite your powerhouse!


While boxing, your core is engaged the entire time. You work the obliques with punches and rotations. Ducking requires contracting your abs. The cardio workout is insane. But, if you want to see the results of your hard work, you must burn fat to uncover your abs!

Standing Barbell Twist

Forget those side bends and trunk rotations! This exercise works your obliques, core stabilizers, and torso while revving up your heart rate. You will also engage your glutes. Get ready for an awesome strength, mobility, and agility workout!

Try A 5-Minute Workout!

This workout is perfect when you want a great cardio and ab workout but are short on time! You will work the entire core with front and side leg raises, wood chops, and trunk rotations.

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