Baby Got Lats! 6 Of The Best Back Exercises That Engage Your Core

Baby Got Lats! 6 Of The Best Back Exercises That Engage Your Core
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While it may seem obvious that working your back is as important as working your chest, the back is often forgotten. You can't see it in the mirror and even when you do back workouts, it doesn't get the same kind of attention you give your chest. 

Having a strong back gives you great posture, it helps you lift more weight when you bench press. It also makes your shoulders more stable, you'll see muscle gains in your arms, your metabolism gets a boost, and you can get that coveted V-shaped torso.

To get consistent strength and muscle gains, you must stay consistent. And there is nothing worse than being sidelined with an injury. To ensure that your back workouts stay on track, it is important to keep a strong core. The core is made up of over 24 muscles and is supported by the lower lats, obliques and upper glutes. Keeping all of your core muscles toned and strong will help fuel your back workouts.

You may isolate your core workouts if time permits, but there are some effective compound exercises that you can do to work your back and core simultaneously. Here are 6 of the best back exercises that all fitness levels can do, with or without equipment!

Hollow Body Hold

Now you don't have to be a gymnast to pull this off. The hollow body hold provides overall core strength and perfect posture. This video demonstrates progressions from beginner to advanced poses. As you perfect each position, move on to the next.


Granted, the superman is an oldie but a goodie, but that could be the reason why you don't do it anymore. Most guys think that this exercise should be reserved for beginners or when you are rehabbing an injury. Add it back to your routine because it strengthens the core while toning the back and, again, improving posture.

Back Widow, Total Body Pulldown, & Superman With Exterior Rotation

These three exercises are geared more for the intermediate to advanced exerciser, but can be performed with modifications. Do this workout as a circuit to get your heartrate up a bit while engaging your core and all of your back muscles.The best part is that no equipment is needed!

Barbell Lat Pullovers

Performing the barbell lat pullover on a bench or a stability ball engages your lats, chest, shoulders, core, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It is challenging enough to increase your heart rate while toning your legs. Over time you will improve posture and build full-body strength.

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