Do These 20-Minute & Under High-Intensity Workouts, They'll Leave You Burning Fat All Day Long

Do These 20-Minute & Under High-Intensity Workouts,  They'll Leave You Burning Fat All Day Long

It can be hard to get in cardio when you have a tight schedule. You need to do classic cardio like running and biking for an hour to make it effective. Instead, you can keep your workout short and sweet by trying High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These types of workouts burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. As an added bonus, they keep you burning calories all day long. Let's take a look at some workouts that come in under 20 minutes! 

1. Skyrocket Your Metabolism

This workout clocks in at 16-ish minutes. That's not too bad for something that is going to keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders for the entire day. 

2. TRX Training

If you want to try something a little more core-focused, then TRX training is a great option. It will allow you to combine bodyweight movements with cardio.

3. Upgrade Your Next Run

If you just can't give up your running regimen, then you should use this fast-paced/slow-paced interval version. It takes everything you love about running and applies it to HIIT.

4. Add Weights To Your Cardio

If you're really strapped for time, then you can combine cardio and weight training into one killer workout. This thing comes in under 30 minutes, but it's most likely going to be a painful half hour. 

5. Cycle Your Pounds Away

If you love to bike, then you can easily apply your HIIT routine to the activity, just like you did with jogging. Although this workout is classified as "indoor cycling" there is no reason that you can't do it with traditional outdoor biking.

6. Work Out Right From Home

With this workout, you need very little space and zero equipment. It makes it perfect from someone who needs to exercise right after they've rolled out of bed in order to just get it over with. 

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