Here Are 5 Essential Winter Skincare Tips for Men

Here Are 5 Essential Winter Skincare Tips for Men
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Taking care of your skin is a year-round necessity. Depending on the climate where you live, the winter can cause a special set of challenges to keeping your face smooth, moisturized, and radiant. 

We know men need healthy skin too, so no worries. Following a consistent regimen will combat the drier air and harshly frigid temps. Fellas, here are 5 effective ways to maintain your skin through the winter and beyond.

Stay Hydrated!

It is not uncommon to see people drinking less water in the cooler than months. But keeping your intake levels up is a must. Water helps regulate body temperature, and  it is also critical for keeping your skin moisturized. With the use of heaters. the air inside your home, car, or at the office becomes drier and can make your skin, crack, peel, and show age. Opt for water with lemon and a little sea salt to help with absorption. If you need some flavor, try herbal teas. And keep a bottle of water with you at all times as a reminder to drink up!

Practice Great Nutrition

When it gets cold outside, it is easy to reach for warm, savory comfort foods that may not be very good for you. Healthy skin starts on the inside so keeping up good eating habits is essential. Find creative ways to incorporate leafy greens, seeds, fruits, vegetables, green tea, and foods that contain healthy fats like salmon into your diet year-round. You will build a strong foundation for glowing, supple skin!

Cleanse & Exfoliate Regularly

While keeping your skin clean might be a given, exfoliating is step that often gets missed. Exfoliation is the process of gently removing dead skin cells to reveal a vibrant complexion. At minimum, you should wash your face twice a day and exfoliate daily or maybe every other day as needed. This will remove bacteria that causes breakouts and skin irritations. Just a few minutes a day should do the trick.

Moisturize & Protect It!

Freezing temperatures will have your skin screaming for moisture. Don't forget that you are still exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays, even in the dead of winter. To save time, find a moisturizer that has sunblock, like SPF 15, in it and use it generously before heading out the door. 

Sweat It Out!

If you are consistent with your workout routine, then breaking a good sweat is easy. This is the time of year when many fall off the wagon. Consider that sweating removes impurities from the skin and boosts the cardiovascular system giving you that healthy glow. If you're not feeling the gym today, spend some time in the sauna or a steam shower and open up those pores!

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