Here Are 6 Fitness Hacks That Do Not Require A Trip To The Gym

Here Are 6 Fitness Hacks That Do Not Require A Trip To The Gym
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Trying to get in shape is hard. You can promise yourself that you'll go to the gym every day or toss out your junk food for kale and bone broth, but actually following through is a different story.

Some people do great going cold turkey. Just cutting the junk out and hitting the gym. But most people don't. Cutting everything all at once can make you go crazy and help you slip back into your less healthy behaviors. 

But there are lots of little things we can all do to get the ball rolling onto the fitness track. Here's 6 things that anyone can start doing to get fit a little bit at a time.

Stretch & Roll Out Before Bed

Forget getting up in the morning to get active. If you're a night owl, a simple stretching or foam rolling exercise will keep your body loose and help you sleep easier. By doing a simple routine every day, your body will be primed for more activity and eventually adding more intense exercise won't seem so daunting.

Take A Couple Key Supplements

The world of supplements is overwhelming and some websites will give you a list of 20 pills you MUST take daily. Really, there are just a couple pills that can help everyone. Zinc is good for your immune system, it's great to take at the first sign of an illness. It also helps raise testosterone, which aids energy and strength. Fish oil helps digestion and makes sure you get enough Omega 3 fatty acids. Magnesium helps you sleep through the night, can help constipation, and is generally a mineral we're all lacking. All of these help energy and make you feel better and fitter all around.

Take In Some Sun!

We're not advocating laying out all day, but getting a little sun is important. Lot's of people have vitamin D deficiencies and the best way to get vitamin D is from our old friend the sun. So, incorporate a walk or two into your day or just take a step outside and enjoy a fine dose of vitamin D.

Give Yourself Some Barefoot Time

Even the most comfortable of shoes can cause strain on your feet over the course of a day. So, when you get home, be okay with being barefoot. Walking barefoot some of the time helps the many bones and ligaments in your feet to find their own natural balance and can stretch out some of the aches and pains that daily shoes bring.

Keep Your Room DARK

Natural light can make your bedroom look amazing, but it's not so amazing for sleep. At night, keeping your room as dark as possible allows your body to relax more quickly, not get distracted, and the darkness aids your body's natural sleep cycle. Get blackout curtains, have a Scrooge-esque canopy bed, or wear a night mask you like. The uninterrupted sleep will make all your fitness goals easier. 

Put The Phone Away, Far Away

We're starting to hear more and more about the negative effects of the blue light of cell phones at night. The light messes up our circadian rhythms and makes sleeping more difficult. Plus, being on your phone til the moment you go to sleep keeps your mind racing and wondering about the emails and Facebook messages you're missing through the night. So, put your phone away at least a half hour before bed and see if you don't feel better in the morning.

All of these tips make you a fitter, healthier person and none of them involve the gym. You may not get a 6-pack by following these rules, but you'll be living a better life and that gym and diet motivation will be just around the corner. 

Tell us your favorite fitness tips in the comments, so we can learn even more hacks to make life a little better.

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