How You Start Is How You Finish: 5 Morning Routines That Will Jumpstart Your Awesome Day

How You Start Is How You Finish: 5 Morning Routines That Will Jumpstart Your Awesome Day
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Your attitude determines your success or failure. If you approach the day with a positive outlook and some motivation, there is no limit to what you may accomplish! Even if you already have a morning regimen, a tweak here and there to shake things up can keep you from falling into a rut. Here are 5 routines that can change your whole perspective and start your day off right!

Start Your Day in Gratitude

Whether you are in prayer or morning meditation, express your gratitude. Thank others in your household for whatever they do, big or small. Being thankful for what you do have shifts your focus to the best parts of your life and lifts your mood. This is an easy practice when things are going well. But, it can be a lifesaver when things are not. Always pay your blessings forward.

Plan Ahead!

Planning helps relieve stress. If you hit the snooze button one time too many, you can still make it out the door on time. You can help out your morning routine by laying out your clothes, doing meal prep, and setting your alarm clock to go off a few minutes earlier the night before. Always allow a little extra time on your morning commute to make sure you arrive at the office on-time. You will be one happy camper if you plan for it!

Don't Reach For Your Phone Right Away

Unless you are expecting an important call or message, finish your morning routine before you plug into the world. Put your social media accounts on ice for now to limit the amount of negative news you take in. Social media can be a time suck, distract you from things that really matter, dampen your spirits, and make you late. There will be plenty of time for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as your day progresses.

Put On A Groove That Makes You Want To Move!

Everybody has that theme song that pumps them up and makes them feel like they can conquer the world! Whether you are working out or just getting ready for the day, your music choice can energize you. Put yourself in the right frame of mind and rock out before you start your day!

Clean Up Before You Go

The condition of your home, car, and office space are a reflection of what is going on inside your head. Clutter and confusion are difficult to ignore as they can hinder your creativity and productivity. Tidying up before you head out the door can give you a sense of calm and accomplishment. If you have family or a roommate under the same roof, they will appreciate your efforts. 

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