If Life Is Not Going As It Should Be, Ask Yourself These Questions & Make A Change

If Life Is Not Going As It Should Be, Ask Yourself These Questions & Make A Change

You're a reflective person, and chances are you've done your fair share of contemplating what your life path looks like. Perhaps you have a series of goals, and you expect to accomplish A, then B, then C, and so on. 

Everything's mapped out, and now things just need to happen just like that, in that order. But what about when things don't go according to plan? Here are some questions to ask yourself when things aren't as they "should be."

Is This An Ending, Or A New Beginning?

You graduated college. Lost your job. Got divorced. If something has ended, it's easy to feel like it's not just the end of a road, but the end of THE road. After acknowledging your feelings, take a moment to reframe what you've gained from your loss.

How Can I Grow From This?

Whether it's a setback that feels wrong, or simply "off course," ask yourself how this challenge will help you grow into the person you want to be. Keep your eye on the prize, and know that it's a journey to the greatness you want and deserve, so focus on honing a growth mindset.

How Has Working Toward The Thing That Didn't Work Out Make Me Stronger?

Every step you took toward you goal wasn't wasted if you didn't achieve it. Maybe you learned what you do and don't want in a future spouse, or med program, or hey, maybe you have built up the mental endurance to win the next race. Look at every setback as just another rep in your set.

Which Attitude Will You Choose?

If something bad happens, and you're sad, you lose. Make the conscious choice to rise above what didn't go as planned after some reflection, and don't let it keep you down. You are more than your setback.

Are You Tuning Out What You Don't Want To Hear?

Some lessons in life aren't the ones we ever wanted to learn. They shake us to our core, and allow us to see ourselves in another light—sometimes it isn't very flattering at first. When we experience a setback, it can be a great time to stop, listen and reset, so you can focus on moving in a new direction that may be more authentically you.

Do You Feel The Need To Be Right, Disregarding Lessons?

Maybe you experienced a setback and don't know why. Try taking an unbiased, nonjudgemental look at how you contributed to your flub. Without being overly critical, it's healthy to understand where you could make some changes in your actions or broader mindset to achieve the goals you have for your future. 

Are You Teachable?

The world is a vast place in which to learn the lessons that you need to learn. Are you finding that you're making the same mistakes? Or a wide variety? Bounce back sooner rather than later by acknowledging what you can learn, and always staying humble.

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