Keep Your Resolution Past January 2nd, 8 Ways To Reach Your Goals in 2017

Keep Your Resolution Past January 2nd, 8 Ways To Reach Your Goals in 2017
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"I've got my green juice, new running shoes, and a fresh subscription to the gym. This year I'm getting in shape." 

We've all said this and we've probably all found ourselves on January 1st thinking "I'll start tomorrow." After about 365 tomorrows, the year has passed you by and it's another wasted resolution.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Yes, keeping a resolution is hard. We can't do anything about that. Yet, if you use some of these tools, you'll be able to start the new year right and reach your resolutions year after year.

Set Short Term Goals

You could say that you're going to lose 60 lbs this year. But when your weightloss gets difficult or you encounter any bumps in the road, it's easy to give up. "I only lost 5 lbs anyway, I was never going to make it to 60 lb. Hand me that pizza please." But, if you set small goals, you get more immediate rewards for your hard work which incentivizes you to keep working hard. Set a goal to lose a pound a week or do 5 more pushups by the end of the month. 

Keep It Simple

Stick to simple resolutions. By sticking to one thing at a time, you're more likely to have better success and be motivated to incorporate other healthy living techniques as you go along.

Break it Down

Even with a simple goal, you need to break it down into small pieces so the overall goal is easier to achieve. That means really figure out all the little steps it will take to keep your resolution and schedule time for it. Since everybody's busy, putting these steps to success on your calendar will help you stick to your plan.

Get a Little Help From Friends

Tell people about your goals. One, you should be proud of taking time to make positive changes in your life, so share away. Secondly, when you make your resolutions public, you now have people keeping you accountable. Ask a friend to specifically be your accountability buddy. You can cheer for each other as things are going well and pick each other up if things go astray.

Make the Journey Part of Your Goal

If your goal is to lose weight, make part of your goal to eat healthy and incorporate exercise. You have control of what you're eating and your fitness routine, but you don't always have control of a number on the scale. So instead of feeling down about being healthy and not seeing enough weight loss, you can celebrate that you're continuing your healthy journey every day without fail.

Write It Down

Writing out your goals is proven to be more successful than just thinking them. For some reason putting pen to paper makes you take it all a little more seriously. But the writing doesn't end on January 1st. Keep track of your progress, good or bad. Sometimes our progress is so incremental, we almost don't even notice all the positive change. But when you're keeping notes, you have a clear picture of all your victories and you're motivated to keep going.

Celebrate the Small Things

Giving yourself a bit of kindness makes reaching your goals much easier. It's okay to celebrate meeting your short term goals or overcoming anything that was difficult or out of your comfort zone. Those little rewards train you to want to get to the next reward and before you know it, your goal is achieved.

Don't Quit

You're not always going to be perfect and there will be slip ups along the way. Instead of just giving up at the first obstacle, make this your overall resolution: DON'T QUIT. Just don't. You can do it, even if it's hard. But if you truly resolve to move forward, come what may, there'll be no stopping you from reaching your goals.

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