Listen Up Couples, Kissing Has Literal Health Benefits

Listen Up Couples, Kissing Has Literal Health Benefits

Is there anything better than walking up to your wife, taking her face in your hands and planting a big one on her beautiful face? Yeah, if you love to kiss, good for you. It’s a sweet gesture that can make you and the object of your deepest affections feel closer, both physically and mentally. But did you know that kissing is not just something that’s fun (and sensual) to do? Did you know that kissing actually comes with all sorts of health benefits?

Take a sec. Check this article out. Learn all of the ways that kissing can improve your health and forward this onto your wife. Then the next time you get ready to go in for a smooch, smile and say “I’m doing this for our health, honey.” It sounds cute and you’ll be exactly right!

It Relieves Cramps And Headaches

Do you have headache? Does she have menstrual cramps? Get into a kissing session and see how much better the two of you feel. You might be wondering how a kiss can possibly cure either problem, but there is a science breakdown to it all. When you kiss, it helps to dilate your blood vessels. When that happens, blood is able to flow throughout your body easier and that can decrease the level of pain that you feel; especially the kind that’s associated with headaches and cramping.

It Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Another thing that happens when your blood vessels expand is it can lower your blood pressure. That’s why you might notice that after a good smooch session, you feel a lot calmer and more relaxed. It’s not just because your wife is the best woman ever! It’s also because she has a literal physical effect on you.

It Puts You In A “Happy Mood”

Some of the “feel good hormones” in your body include serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. When you kiss, your body triggers these hormones and that helps to make you feel happier. It also helps you to feel more connected to your spouse (oxytocin is what’s released during sexual intercourse too). If you’ve been feeling a little down or distant lately, a kiss may be the cure.

It Fights Cavities

We’re pretty sure you don’t want to focus on all of the spit that’s being exchanged, but there’s no way to kiss without that happening. The good news is that works in your favor too! The more saliva that’s produced in your mouth, the more plaque that is removed from your teeth. Less plaque, less cavities. 

It Tones Your Facial Muscles

You’re probably not giving it much thought, but a French kiss requires moving your mouth around. Anytime there’s body movement, that’s considered to be a form of exercise. As you kiss, your facial muscles are getting quite the workout along your neck and jawline. (Yep, it’s a facial toner too!)

It Burns Calories

No one’s gonna shed 50 pounds or anything from kissing, but you can lose a little bit. Research shows that kissing burns somewhere between 6-16 calories. So, the next time your wife talks about wanting to shed some weight, tell her what kissing can do. Who knows where that little gem of info will lead!

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