Lose It Together: 6 Fun Ways You And Your Wife Can Shed The Pounds

Lose It Together: 6 Fun Ways You And Your Wife Can Shed The Pounds

If when you first got married, your stomach was ripped and your wife’s body was super tight and now…let's just say there is more of the two of you to love, maybe it's a sign that it’s time to do something about it!

Sometimes we let our bodies go, not so much because we’re lazy (although that can be a part of it) but because we dread the idea of doing all of the work that it takes to get back to the way we used to be. It seems more like work than fun.

We’ve got an idea. Instead of you going to the gym alone and your wife pulling out that ancient aerobics tape under the television, why not work to lose weight together? At least to get those first 10 pounds off. It won’t only give you an instant accountability partner, but you can have a lot of laughs---and spend some much-needed quality time together---as you’re doing it.

Need a little inspiration? Check these tips out.

Cook Together

You can save money, purchase fresher items and spend some quality time together if you choose to cook rather than eat out. You can also have fun researching recipes that will help you to lose weight. 

We’ll give you a short grocery list, for starters: Leafy greens, salmon, lean beef, chicken breast, sweet potatoes, chili peppers, fresh fruit, coconut oil and cruciferous vegetables (like cauliflower and cabbage) are all foods that can help you and yours to shed some pounds. Some have fiber, some have protein and all have nutrients and antioxidants to keep your systems healthy and strong.

Join An Exercise Class

If neither one of you are a fan of running on a treadmill, sign up for an exercise class that you both are curious about and/or think you’ll enjoy. Water aerobics are a low-impact exercise that’s great for muscles and joints. Yoga can increase flexibility and muscle tone. Spinning class makes your heart stronger and gives your abdominal muscles the ultimate workout. All of these burn calories too.

Take A Romantic Walk Every Evening

Does it seem like you’re never really able to spend any time together, no matter how much you try? Another thing that you can do is take a walk after dinner. The fresh air is good for you, but that’s not all. Walking for 30 minutes, a few times each week, improves your blood circulation, strengthens your bones, supports your joints, improves your mood, helps to keep your memory sharp, provides a better quality of sleep and yes, helps you to lose weight. Also, a brisk walk for 30-minutes can help you to burn 200 calories easily.

Have Couples Massages

If you want to do something extra special for your wife, how about a couples massage? It decreases stress, helps to heal any soft tissue stress or strain in the body, is a remedy for insomnia, improves circulation in the body and is a great cure for headaches and muscle pain. Going to a spa or having a professional massage therapist come to your home are great options. If money’s tight, in the meantime, you can massage each other. Click here for some tips. Click here for a relaxing DIY massage oil that you can make yourself.

Plan Dance Dates

Guess how many calories you can burn dancing? Almost 450 if you do it for 30 minutes! Slow dragging to your favorite love songs doesn’t count. But if you want to go to a club and dance the night away together or sign up for a salsa class or hip-hop dance class, it’s another way to trim the fat without being bored out of your mind in the process.

Yep. Have Sex.

SEX. We saved the best for last. Sex not only connects you to your spouse spiritually and emotionally, it can also do wonders for your physical health and well-being. Studies indicate that if you have sex more than once a week, it will increase your levels of immunoglobulin which will strengthen your immune system. 

Sex also lowers your blood pressure, reduces your risk of heart disease, triggers pain-reducing hormones into your body, puts you less at risk for prostate cancer, increases endorphins (feel good hormones) in the body and also burns calories. How much? Well, kissing alone will burn about six calories. And an 80-minute session will take off around 300 calories (a few Oreos or a couple of beers worth). Definitely work the time, effort and energy, don’t you think?

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