Love Biking? These 7 Trails Were Made For You!

Love Biking? These 7 Trails Were Made For You!

Love feeling fresh air on your face when you’re getting in your cardio? Sounds like bike trails were made for you! Indoor biking just isn’t your thing. The idea of chugging away in a small room with 15 other stationary bikers is not your idea of quality cardio. No one can blame you for that.

Getting out and experiencing bike trails is a great form of cardio, but not all trails are created equal. Nope, some suck and some are fantastic. Curious about which ones exactly are fantastic? Let’s take a look at some of the most adventure-filled and breathtaking bike trails on Earth!

Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu, Peru

This trail takes you through backroads, from a pristine lake and up into the rough terrain of the mountains. You're guaranteed to see something beautiful along the way! 

Route des Grandes Alpes, France

This French trails winds through some pretty crazy mountain ranges. As hard as it is, the end result is a front row seat to the rolling waves of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Tasmania Trail, Australia

This trail winds along the mostly uninhabited coast and takes bikers through forest, past oceans, and through crazy high temperatures.

Land's End, UK

This trail covers the entirety of the United Kingdom and is roughly a thousand miles long. It's worth it for the beautiful seaside sights along the ways.  

Bariloche to Ushuaia Trail, Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

This trail crosses three different South American countries and winds through rainforests and mountain terrain. 

The Atlas Traverse, Morocco

If you're interested in a desert climate, then Morocco is the way to go. It is full of dusty vistas and beautiful stretches of trail with zero people. 

National Highway 1, Vietnam

This roadway doubles as a trail for bikers and spans the whole country. With lush greenery and picturesque rural villages rolling by, you'll never be bored. 

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