Need Gym Motivation? Get Inspired By These 4 Celebrity Workouts

Need Gym Motivation? Get Inspired By These 4 Celebrity Workouts
Terry Crews via YouTube

Everybody hates the dreaded plateau. Maybe your muscle gains aren't happening as fast as you would like. Perhaps you aren't leaning out and getting more muscle definition. Or maybe your 6-pack has stalled around a 3.5. Let's face it. You just aren't as amped as you used to be about your workouts. 

Hitting a wall can be frustrating and send you moping straight to the sauna. At times like these, it's a really good idea to draw inspiration from some fellow muscle heads. So, here are 4 motivational videos of some of your favorite celebrities putting in work. Check them out and get back at it! Those abs are not going to get ripped on their own!

Terry Crews & C.T. Fletcher Hold Each Other Accountable

You don't get to look like Terry Crews and C.T. Fletcher without focus, progression, intensity, and consistency in the gym. They lift for strength and big gains. In this video, you will see these two pushing one another to start and finish strong on every rep and every set. Whether you higher a trainer or find a new workout partner, maybe it's time for some accountability to get you back on track. In the meantime, check these two out!

Kevin Hart Schedule Takes The Excuses Off The Table!

Kevin Hart makes his workouts a top priority. He is a very busy man, so scheduling is everything. Whether he is touring, on set, or promoting his latest movie, Kevin makes it a point to get it in! You'll see some ridiculous upper body and core workouts that are sure to get you motivated. So set some new goals, grab your calendar, and get busy planning your next four weeks. Warning: Kevin's core game is sick. Don't look directly into his abs!

John Cena Is Clear On Why He Works Out

If you are trying to increase your lower body strength and power, then John Cena should awaken the beast in you again! He squats, snatches, cleans, and presses his way into some of the best shape of his life. And John isn't looking to throw in the towel anytime soon. For this 39-year-old WWE champion, actor, host, and entertainer, staying fit is a part oh his brand. Figure out your "why" when it comes to your fitness goals to keep your head in the game!

Mark Wahlberg Makes Nutrition A Priority

Nutrition is probably responsible for 90 percent of the success you get in the gym. If you haven't figured this out yet, it could explain why you have lost your focus. Most people think they have to lift more, workout longer, and increase the number of times they workout in a week to make progress. There are two problems with this approach. One, there is probably not enough recovery time built into the workout plan. And two, the diet is probably canceling out all of the hard work. 

Not only is it critical to eat the right kinds of food in the right quantity. The timing has to be on point as well. You can't go grab a whole pizza and a beer after your workout anymore than you can skip a post-workout meal. Check out what Mark Wahlberg has to say about his regimen and commitment to nutrition. Then, clean the junk out of your fridge and go shopping!

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