Relationship Goals: 6 Milestones You & Your Wife Should Strive For In 2017

Relationship Goals: 6 Milestones You & Your Wife Should Strive For In 2017

Someone once said that the reasons why weddings seem to go off without a hitch while so many marriages fail is because people go to great lengths to plan and prepare for their wedding day. Meanwhile, their marriage? Not so much.

We thought about that in reference to New Year’s Resolutions. If you ask a group of people to run down the list of what theirs are, it’s pretty common to hear things like lose weight or start a business. But what about relationship resolutions? Aren’t they just as, if not more, important to your health and professional aspirations?

If you’re married, take your wife out for dinner (she’ll love that!) and ask her what resolutions she’d like to make going into this coming new year. If you want to provide her with a little inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas.

Meditate Together

Some people still avoid meditating because they believe that it’s some sort of religious practice. But meditating is simply about getting quiet, breathing deeply and calming your senses so that you can release tension and stress. However, there are TONS of health benefits that come with doing it. Meditating makes you more optimistic, increases your focus and significantly improves your immune system. It can also decrease depression symptoms, heighten clarity and serve as a physical buffer against pain (click here to read about more benefits). And just think, if it can do all of this for you, how much more powerful will it be if you and your wife do it together? Wanna give it a try? Click here for tips on how to get some mutual meditation going.

Travel More Often

Many people think that travel is only about leisure and fun. That’s partly true, but it comes with its own set of health benefits too. Aside from the fact that getting off of the grid can reduce your stress levels, guess what? Travel can also give your immune system a real boost as well. As you travel, your body gets exposed to a variety of antibodies. As that happens, your immune system becomes much stronger. Becoming more culturally aware also sharpens your mind. And, if you decide to incorporate a little exercise into your vacation (like hiking or doing some water activities) that can help to keep you and yours in shape too. Plus, not enough can be said for what traveling as a couple does when you’re looking to detach from the routine of your life and get a little quality time in.

Have Morning Sex

Not to get all up in your business but, when’s the last time the two of you had some morning sex? Did you know that it can improve your health too? The oxytocin that kicks in will help you to wake up on the right side of the bed so that you’ll be happier and more productive. Since a good session (25 minutes or more) is a nice workout, you can sleep in a little later and skip the gym that day. Orgasms release stress and bring more oxygen to the brain so that you can think more clearly. And, if you have a big meeting or appointment coming up that you’re not looking forward to, morning sex can relax you. (Morning sex, anyone?)

Become Fluent In Each Other’s “Love Language”

Have you ever read The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts? It’s a great read. Bottom line is according to the author Dr. Gary Chapman, there are five ways that love is best expressed. One of the challenges in relationships is that we give what we want to receive from others instead of what they actually need. Spending some time understanding the love languages and learning your spouse’s (click here to take an online test) can help to bring the two of you closer together. Come to think of it, reading more relationship books in general can be a smart move. No time? Remember there are audio books these days. Another must-read is His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage by Dr. Willard F. Harley Jr. It’s a classic.

Hold No Grudges

Your marriage is not going to survive if you’re not willing to forgive. That’s because your spouse isn’t perfect, and neither are you. Putting forth the conscious effort to pardon the mistakes and offenses of your wife while she does the same, it will not only strengthen your bond—it's also really good for your health. Not forgiving raises stress levels, can put unnecessary pressure on your heart, cause your blood pressure to sky rocket and damage your immune system. Is any of this worth it? Definitely not. Make it a practice to be more forgiving in the New Year, for sure.

Get TOTALLY Out Of Debt

It continues to be a fact that one of the main reasons why marriages fail is due to financial stress and strain. If you own a house, you’re probably going to have some debt for a while. But other than that, work extra hard to get totally out of debt. If that means less eating out and entertainment, so be it. Put that money towards investing into a financial advisor and watch how much your world changes and the anxiety in your marriage lightens. If you’d like some proven tips for how to have less financial pressure in 2017, click here so that you and yours can have a fun and anxiety-free new year!

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