Switch It Up! Swap Out The Traditional Hotel Room For These Romantic Road Trip Ideas

Switch It Up! Swap Out The Traditional Hotel Room For These Romantic Road Trip Ideas

One of the keys to a happy marriage is to go on dates at least a couple of times a week. It’s a great way to get in some much-needed quality time and to do something both of you enjoy. One of the best kinds of dates to go on? Take a guess. It’s a road trip date.

The change of scenery. The time alone in the car. The ability to create new memories in new places together. All of these things play a role in making road trip dates something that is truly romantic. Magical even.

If it’s been a while since you and yours have packed up the car and hit the open road, maybe you’re looking for some suggestions on how to plan the perfect road trip date. If so, we’ve got a few suggestions that we think will leave a smile on both of your faces for many years to come.

A Bed And Breakfast Tour

When a lot of people go out of town, they don’t think twice about booking a reservation at a hotel. We want to encourage you to go the bed and breakfast route instead. You can get more privacy. The service is more personable. The rooms are oftentimes larger and customized (many bed and breakfasts have rooms with “themes”). There are various activities on the grounds. They usually have spa and specialized menu packages. And breakfast is included in the rate. There are a lot of absolutely breathtaking bed and breakfasts throughout the country. Click here to read up on some of them and consider going on your own bed and breakfast tour.

A Glamping Location

If you and yours travel on a fairly consistent basis, you probably already know about glamping. If not, it’s the combination of the word “glamourous” and “camping”---and with just reason. Glamping ain’t what the Boy and Girl Scouts do! If you decide to go glamping, you can find everything from air-conditioned tents to log cabins with catering service. It’s basically getting the benefits of being outdoors with the accommodations of being inside someplace really nice. Glamping.com.

A Treehouse

On certain glamping websites, you’ll see some treehouses that will absolutely blow your mind! This is becoming so popular that you can go to your favorite search engine, put “romantic treehouse getaways” in the search field and get all sorts of options. Treehouse Point (Issaquah, Washington), The Treehouse at Winvian Farm (Litchfield Hills, Connecticut) and Out ‘N’ About Treehouse Treesort (Cave Junction, Oregon) are just a few fan favorites. Brings new meaning to “sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” (Click here to read up on these and other romantic treehouses.)

A Place Neither of You Have Ever Been To Before

Or how about this? Pull out a map, talk to about places both of you have never been before, then plan on going there. It doesn’t have to be a major city either. There are all sorts of quaint towns that have great restaurants, luxurious wineries and outdoor activities. Click here to read about some of the most romantic towns in the United States.

Going To Where Your Parents (Or Grandparents) First Fell In Love

If you like taking walks down memory road, "interview" your parents or grandparents about where they first fell in love, got married and or/honeymooned. If it’s in the United States, drive there. Just being in the same place where your family members started to fall for one another can reignite fires between you and your own spouse. It’s one of the most relevant historical trips you’ll ever take. No question.

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