These Are The Best Health & Fitness Apps To Get You On Track Before The New Year

These Are The Best Health & Fitness Apps To Get You On Track Before The New Year
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Why wait for January 1st to start getting fit? Though people act like you're not allowed to be healthy during the holidays, you can get a head start on everyone before the new year rolls in.

Even if you aren't ready to go full steam ahead into your new fitness adventure, there are tons of great apps you can check out and download so at the very least you're ready to go at 12:01. You may even like these apps so much, you'll start trying them out now. Then your resolution will be even easier to keep and you'll get to brag about managing to not binge eat cookies for the month of December.

PEAR Personal Coach

Getting a personal trainer is a big time and monetary commitment. But that doesn't mean you can't get a little one-on-one guidance. PEAR Personal Coach helps you find out your max heart rate and VO2 number and provides tons of training videos for a wide range of experience levels. 

Pocket Yoga

Sometimes you're walking along the beach or in a park and you think, "Man, I wish I could do yoga now." Well, now you can. Pocket Yoga is an app that has over 200 illustrations and descriptions of poses and logs your practice and progress. A great way to get started in yoga or to find more advanced moves if you're a yogi on the go.

Charity Miles

It can be hard to motivate yourself. But if you knew you were earning money for charity every time you put on your running shoes, it might make it a little easier.

With Charity Miles, every time you walk, run, or cycle you earn corporate sponsorships from charities. Get $.25 a mile for walking or running and $.10 a mile for cycling. 

Those little bits really start to add up and you'll get healthier while you're helping those in need.


If you don't want to join a gym or get bored taking the same old classes, MINDBODY will help mix up your routine. With access to over 50,000 businesses, MINDBODY will connect you with nearly all the fitness classes offered in your area. Good all over the country, you can trying spinning, pilates, or aerial yoga. You're not going to stay bored for long.

Gym Genius

Carrying around a pad and paper to write down your every rep and bit of progress at the gym is a huge pain. Or, you think you'll totally remember all of your workout, then after your shower you just remember weights, sweating and little else. Gym Genius is a super easy way to track all of your workout needs. Keep record of reps, weights used, progress, all of it, right from your phone.

My Fitness Pal

If you're looking to lose weight, the first thing people will tell you is to download My Fitness Pal. The best calorie tracker around, they make it easy to log your exercise, food intake, and any other activity. The huge community gives much needed support and there's tons of success stories to inspire you.

Run Social

Nobody loves running on the treadmill. But taking a jog through Tuscany or other beautiful locales isn't often an option. Luckily, Run Social puts you amongst the lovely scenery from your treadmill. They use real world video of locations around the world from Sequoia National Park to the Scottish Highlands to make you feel as though you're really there. Plus, they track your times and miles run, so you can see your progress.


You've probably never thought that gambling might help you with your fitness goals. But DietBet allows you to join low stakes bets that you'll lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time. Most bets last only a month and the weight loss goals are healthy and attainable. DietBet works hard to make sure people aren't cheating the system and will consult people if it seems like they're losing weight too fast in a possibly unhealthy way. If you can get a bunch of friends to do the bet with you, it's a fun way to use your competitive spirit to help reach your goals. 

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