These Old Video Games Are Worth A Small Fortune On eBay

These Old Video Games Are Worth A Small Fortune On eBay
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How much do you think your old video games are worth online? Maybe a couple bucks? Twenty-five to $50 at most, if they're rarer and in decent shape?

Based on what some games have gone for on eBay, you can guess a liiittle higher than that: Some games have gone for hundreds, even thousands, with the highest-selling one ringing up at nearly ten grand.

Even those Nintendo 64 games you played for hours as a kid could be worth a ton. Check out this list to see if you've got any of the games that rake in the big bucks:

Snow Brothers (Nintendo NES): $4,199.99

A sealed, mint copy of this 1991 game is considered "one of the holy grails of NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) collecting," according to its seller.

Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64): $510

Cartridges labeled "not for resale" (such as this one) are rarer than those without such labels: they were meant to be used in stores to demo games when they first came out, according to Micro-64.

Mountain Bike Rally Speed Racer (Super Nintendo): $4,800

The seller originally listed this game for nearly $6,000, but ended up selling it for about $4,800. Clearly, they were looking for a serious buyer: 

"DO NOT buy this game with the intent of opening it or using it," the seller wrote in the game's description. "I can't imagine why anyone would anyways but opening & using this game would completely destroy the collectors value of the game and its historical significance."

Magical Chase (TurboGrafx-16): $7,499

This game sold insanely well even though it was in "good" condition. (On eBay, "brand new" is the best condition possible, then "like new," then "very good," then "good," then "acceptable.") Anything can happen if you get in touch with the right buyer!

Pokemon Crystal Version (Nintendo Game Boy Color): $599.99

Forget PokemonGo — a brand new, sealed copy of this 2001 game racked up hundreds when it sold in September.

Bandai Stadium Events (Nintendo NES): $5,855

Know your games' worth! Bidding on a used copy of this ultra-rare 1987 game began at $300.

Mario Party 3 (Nintendo 64): $316.11

This 2001 game "is the first Mario Party game to introduce Princess Daisy and Waluigi as playable characters," writes Super Mario Wiki

The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo NES): $3,161

Versions of this 1987 game with *gold* cartridges sell for the most. Bidding for this copy started at just 99 cents.

Halo Combat Evolved (Xbox): $9,999.92

Selling this black label, first print, gold-grade copy of Halo: CE tore its original owner apart. 

"The first print of the fantastic franchise that has changed gaming forever. To my knowledge the gold copies of this game can be counted on one hand," the seller wrote in the game's description. "I hate to sell something that I know I'll never see again, but my kids are more expensive than I ever could have imagined."

StarCraft 64 (Nintendo 64): $585

When this game first came out in 2000, retailers sold it for about $55.

Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64): $249.99

"The game is not in perfect condition, but great for how long it has lasted," the seller noted in this 1998 game's description. Sometimes that's all that counts!

Resident Evil 2 (Playstation 1): $3,639.74

Though this horror survival game was released on multiple platforms, its Playstation 1 version brings in the most $$$$$.

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