These Vintage Travel Posters Will Make You Go Back In Time, Take A Visit & Collect Some Nostalgia

These Vintage Travel Posters Will Make You Go Back In Time, Take A Visit & Collect Some Nostalgia

Believe it or not, 100 years ago it was rare to have pictures of travel destinations. In this time, artists would paint works of art to represent a particular place to visit. These paintings and drawings were a mix of marketing and hand painted art all rolled into one. 

You better believe they make great posters these days, if you can get your hands on one... Let’s take a look at some of the most inspired travel ads from yesteryear!

1. Paris

The Eiffel Tower shines in a unique way amongst fireworks in this airline ad for visiting Paris.

2. Australia by Train

In the old days, planes were harder to come by. Trains were were the pinnacle of travel, and who could argue otherwise when you got a front row seat to a camel ride? 

3. Fairytale New York

This storybook-style take on the New York skyline creates a real desire to visit this seemingly unreal city.

4. Party It Up in Vichy

It's a never-ending party in this French state, sounds like a great time, doesn't it?

5. The Castles of Ireland

Do people visit Ireland for anything other than the crumbling castles? This ad knows what's up. It does a great job of making them look super haunted, too. 

6. San Francisco's Chinatown

One of the most popular areas of Northern California's most famous city is front and center in this beautiful Greyhound ad.

7. The Pyramids Dominating Egypt

Everything but the palm trees in the foreground falls away in the face of the grandeur that is the ancient pyramids. It's no wonder, since Egypt is pretty much synonymous with the word "pyramid." 

8. The Roman Colosseum

If you're visiting this ancient Italian city, chances are you'll either visit this landmark or take a picture of yourself holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

9. Japan's Buddhist Temples

These structures dot the landscape in Japan, and this piece of art beautifully captures their beauty set against the pink of a setting sun.

10. Hula in Hawaii

If you ever needed an idea of what visiting classic Hawaii was like, this image must have captured it perfectly. An air of fantasy and paradise combine for one heck of an ad. 

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