Time To Reflect, Bring Your Best Self To 2017 By Asking Yourself 4 Things

Time To Reflect, Bring Your Best Self To 2017 By Asking Yourself 4 Things

Whether you'd classify this year as one where you really killed it, achieving all of your goals and ready to make new ones, or at more of a standstill, leaving you questioning your life's purpose, a little reflection can go a long way. Taking the time to reflect on what has happened in the year, and visualize what's to come is a recipe for success. Get a notebook ready, and take a moment to answer these 4 questions before the clock strikes 12 on January 1.

What were your goals for 2016? How did you do?

Sure, you could start by delving into what you'd like to accomplish in the new year, but in order to make the most sound, realistic, and successful choices, you can look to your goals from the previous year. How many of them did you accomplish? How did that make you feel? Journal about your accomplishments, and then take a gander at what didn't work out. Did you decide that the goal was something you no longer value? Then no need to carry that over into 2017 planning. Was the goal you didn't accomplish just too daunting? Then break it down into smaller more digestible steps for the coming year.

Which micro-habits have had the biggest impact?

Maybe you were just a few minutes late... to most of your meetings this year. Or perhaps you were going to work out daily, then it ended up being more like once per week. Are you a night owl who swears you'll hit the hay by 10pm, only to find you're on a Netflix binge well past midnight? These are seemingly innocent habits that can compound, taking you farther away form the person you want to become. Make note of them (literally) to keep them in check in 2017.

How can you jumpstart your career?

How can you jumpstart your career?

Are there any new skills you know would make you more competitive in your field? Now's the time to look into taking that class, buying that book, or chatting with that friend who can help take you to the next level. If you're not growing, you're wilting, so whether it's a slight tweak, or trying something entirely new, there's not better time to start than now.

Who can mentor you? Whom can you mentor?

Mentorship is a relationship in which one person knows more than the other, and guides their subordinate to take in that knowledge, but the relationship isn't necessarily one sided. Often mentors learn much from their mentee. It doesn't matter if they're older, younger, bigger, or smaller, there's always something you can learn, and something you can teach. Make 2017 the year of becoming aware of how you can simultaneously give back while boosting others up.

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