Top 10 Hilarious Terry Moments On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Top 10 Hilarious Terry Moments On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you're not watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you're missing out.

The whole cast is legit hilarious, and the writing clips along with an intelligent zaniness that resonates with our cultural focus while remaining gracefully absurd. Zorp!

In no particular order, here are ten of the best moments starring our own Golden Globe winning Terry Crews:

Terry vs. The Princess Castle

Big buff Terry struggling to set up an adorable princess house for his little girls is a delightful contrapuntal.

Sleepy Terry

Starts out cute and grows to a full on lolz.

Scary Terry

Terry's character (also named Terry) is fairly restrained on the show, which makes it extra fun when he gets to freak out. Agro charm.

Victory Dance

Terry's a pretty great dancer, as you can see. Also nice that he got to show off his pro-ball moves.

Rage Out

Terry very rarely unleashes the beast all the way, as he does in this moment. It's a deft, comic moment that pings the problem of cop anger in a light, responsible way.

Powerful Handshake

Restrained rage has a quiet power. Plus who doesn't have some latent aggression toward magic eight balls?

Silent Disco

Believe it or not, these headphone parties are actual things that really happen.

Make That Outfit Pop

An elegant visual gag hinging on those enormous shoulders.

Literal Shake Down

Physical comedy is something of a, shall we say, strong suit for Terry. Get it? Because he's ridiculously strong.

Muscle Magic

Sometimes it's fun for Terry to just show off his completely insane bod. Gotta love that face, too.

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