Watch What You Eat: These Foods May Put You In A 'Food Coma'

Watch What You Eat: These Foods May Put You In A 'Food Coma'

Ah, the dreaded food coma. If you've had the joy of eating a holiday dinner, chances are you've overindulged in some way. This typically leads to—you guessed it—falling asleep on the couch 10 minutes after eating. The high amount you ate, combined with the types of food you ate can cause "food comas."

All year long you eat the foods you love (in moderation wink, wink) and you are full of energy. So why the food comas now? Well, some of the things found in the holiday dishes you eat are bound to make you tired. Let's take a look at foods you may not want to have seconds of if you want to stay awake and alert after holiday dinner. 


Foods that contain a lot of protein—like turkey—also contain tryptophan, which will make you sleepy. Eating normal amounts won't be a problem, but if you eat a lot of it, then you'll be headed for a couch or bed near you. Any meat will do this, so if you belong to a ham or chicken dinner family, you're in the same boat. 


Dairy products will up the amount of melatonin in your body. Science has proven that this will make you more sleepy and these products are typically used to induce sleep in people with insomnia. So, if you want to stay awake, avoid the cheese cake! 


Oats are great if you need to get your body producing higher levels of insulin. Unfortunately, grandma's famous oatmeal cookies could lower your blood sugar, which can cause drowsiness. Can anyone say snooze!


Everyone's favorite condiment actually causes you to retain water in your body, which makes it much more likely you're going to be hitting the couch for a post-dinner nap. 


Chances are you'll be eating at least one side dish or dessert with nuts in it. Nuts are known to have some pretty high levels of magnesium, which makes you sleepy.


One of these dinners or parties you're hitting up this holiday will have a bowl of pretzels. Eating them will spike your blood sugar. Because of this, you will feel more tired than normal. 

Dark Chocolate

You will probably want dessert after dinner. If a decadent dish scream dark chocolate then just prepare to pass out. Not only will you be more sleepy because of the serotonin in chocolate, you might even be a little sad

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