The Burpee Of Insanity—Fire Up Your Workout With This One Move

The Burpee Of Insanity—Fire Up Your Workout With This One Move
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Burpee. You might feel excitement, you might feel the fear. Either way, it's one of the best exercises ever. It works your full body, gets your heart rate up, and sometimes gets you doing some real creative swears.

But you're probably pretty fit. A burpee alone ain't gonna cut it. So, here's a new variation to get the even the buffest fitness lover to sweat like crazy. 

As shown in the video above, the wall ball burpee adds an elevated push-up and wall ball throw into the mix. First go to the ground and get in plank position on the medicine ball, do a push-up balanced on the ball, get to standing, throw the ball high against the wall while jumping. Choose a medicine ball with enough weight to be challenging without causing strain.

Men's Health Australia patented this demonic move and they go into more detail on form in the video above.

Why do this? Do you hate yourself? Well, no. It's all about getting the most work done in the least amount of time. 

In a normal burpee, you don't need to stabilize yourself on an unstable surface. With the medicine ball, you work your chest, core, and shoulders harder because you're constantly finding your balance. Your lower body also has to work harder to carry the weight of the medicine ball. Your legs and core get a little kick due to the added weight.

Why the wall-ball throw at the end? To torture you. Just kidding. It gets a final jab at your shoulders and makes the jump more difficult for your legs and core. Though a medicine ball may not look like much weight, you will really feel the difference after one of these bad boys.

Men's Health suggests that you do 10 wall-ball burpees and rest for 30 seconds. Then do that all again two more times. Or until you collapse to the ground in complete fatigue.

So, if you're burpees look more like this kid's...

... You may want to stick to the old fashioned version.

But if you're ready to crank up your workout and burn calories on calories, the wall-ball burpee is for you. 

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